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A sandbox game inspired by the toys-to-life genre, implemented in Blitz3D!
Started by mindfulvector
Last Post by (7 months ago)
hi, :full_moon_with_face:
Started by RemiD
Last Post by (10 months ago)
This is the worklog for Seltra, a block automata logic game that is my hobby project.
Started by meemoeuk
Last Post by (2 years ago)
BlitzX is a modern Blitz3D compatible programming language with a Blitz like syntax and command set. Planned features includes cross platform and modern 3d engine features. Blitz 2…
Started by BlitzCoder
Last Post by (3 years ago)
Finally I got something up to get started on getting this site's own Blitz3D version. Nothing really concrete, but the premise is very similar to existing next Blitz3D projects out…
Started by BlitzCoder
Last Post by (4 years ago)
Blitz3D Community Bundle Edition includes the 1.108c original installer with the FMOD sound library linked as static library and the latest DocsPak 1.88. This means that you don't …
Started by BlitzCoder
Last Post by (5 years ago)
DRGS based features is a forked version of Flow3D (BlitzMax + Ogre3D) updated to Ogre3D version 1.7.4. This means a more stable version which is recommended by ogre community, plug…
Started by BlitzCoder
Last Post by 5 years ago