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Update: You can now browse using Community Archive top menu link above. Upload Completed.

Since mojolabs aka the ol blitzbasic community archives went down a few days ago, I have decided to start mirroring a copy here in BlitzCoder site.

For now the Blitz3D and Code Archives subforums are the only category that are accessible, but will follow-up with the rest of the available sections.

There are also broken links so this is still subject for fixes and other proper updates. As for the search, will apply the same google search eventually.

Kudos and thanks again to Mark aka markcwm for providing the formatted and categorized archive copies.


BlitzCoder commented:

Menu link now up, keeping the name code archives and decided to label the old site as Community Archive.

Additionally, I think google will crawl and add the archive site eventually since it is under which is used currently in the current search bar, so doing search might combine results now with the archive site included.

druggedbunny983 commented:

Oh, good work!

BlitzCoder commented:

Cheers druggedbunny

it's still a work in progress.

Just added BlitzPlus and Blitz3D SDK subforum for today's update.

BlitzCoder commented:

BlitzMax, Monkey and Community subforums now up ☝

Upload Complete

druggedbunny983 commented:

Thanks for this, it's great to have it available again. One random click into the BlitzMax forum and now I want to play with bah.rtmidi! Instant inspiration!

BlitzCoder commented:

Sure thing and that's great to hear. a lot of old threads contains hidden gems and info aside from the code archives so it's good to have and put it back up.

There's still some left to sort out like site search, but we'll get there eventually.

markcwm commented:

Hey RonTek,

good idea and nicely done, thanks. I found the old post about it here.

BlitzCoder commented:

cheers Mark. I also see that the subforum pages titles were not set, so I will add this on my todo list.

BlitzCoder commented:

Update: it seems Google already initiated the crawl and now showing a few results.


RemiD commented:

@RonTek>> thanks a lot to host a copy of these old posts / codes, there were some really interesting concepts and code examples on these forums !

about broken links, when browsing the previous copy on mojolabs, i have noticed that if i copy the number of the post in an old url format (blitzbasic format), and i paste this number to replace the number in the new url format (mojolabs format), it redirects to the appropriate post...

BlitzCoder commented:

Cheers RemiD. Big big thanks to Mark(cwm) actually for scraping and making the copies available.. hopefully we can archive the worklogs as well.

about broken links, when browsing the previous copy on mojolabs, i have noticed that if i copy the number of the post in an old url format (blitzbasic format), and i paste this number to replace the number in the new url format (mojolabs format), it redirects to the appropriate post...

yes that's the way it goes, eventually I will try to add a post finder where you just enter the post id/number and perhaps remove the categories url on the post to simplify browsing.

BlitzCoder commented:

By the way, some of the codes are not just from as they are gathered across all blitz related sites that I stumbled upon by chance or when trying to find alternative solutions.

BlitzCoder commented:

More creepy Gcrawler updates!

I just stumbled upon this new thing while doing a typical site search tool here on the site and..

Archive site is now populating google search results much more than before. YAY Looks like we are getting all set!

Now you can start searching the old blitz forum here using the search tool!

A nice extra milestone for the upcoming year 2022!

will be adding an option soon to search the old forum site only


getting mixed domain results for keywords (ie author.. like Grindalf's name) which also is great!


Grindalf commented:

Awesome stuff :)
I chose well with that name, always shows the correct results, unlike if I had called myself milkshake or something normal :P
Now I just need to make something good enough that people want to search for me :P

BlitzCoder commented:

nice one Grindalf!

Search options now available!


markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,

I uploaded a copy of the worklogs now, the structure is user-worklogs.html/forums/user-worklogs/blah.html so that's 2 folder levels between forum and topics, so user-worklogs.html is the same level as codearcs.html. I hope that's right.

Also, because I saved them manually it has all the images, just what webarchive had. All the extra files are deleted and I've edited the browse links to point to html files instead of the php. It was a bit confusing as I got the files from 3 sources, and but they should all be the same now.

I think I will edit the rest of the forum again and re-upload as I have written some code to change all files in one go.

Oh yeah ha, I forgot there is a menubar.jpg in skins/granite now which fixes the browse links at the top.

Also, one thing left to do is change all the bb links to point to their new addresses.

BlitzCoder commented:

Thanks and cheers Mark This is really great will update asap..

markcwm commented:

Great, you uploaded it already. Thanks Ron.

Links and saved images work but it seems Youtube embed links don't load. They load on my local copy. Could it be because they have http: instead of https:?

Edit: yes, following these answers it seems all we'd have to do is change the Youtube links from http to https and it would work.

BlitzCoder commented:

Cheers Mark. Yes, apparently that's a common mixed content ssl issue.

The best way to make it work both ways is to simply remove the protocol and just with the forward slashes "//" and it applies to all media and content.

I also removed all unnecessary webarchive javascript which will make the pages more clean and secure.

markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,

OK I removed all javascript from them, anything starting in < script type= or src= or async= or just < script >.

I also changed all embedded links to start with https. As far as I understand it, the https links should work in both http and https.

jfkEO commented:

Great job, thank you guys. I still have a lot of nice blitz goodies here, I'll upload it somewhere the sooner or later. Things like video read write, wav read write, record, load anim gif, save various img + mesh formats, clipboard, dragndrop, dx7 surface access, just lots of pearls. Some of which I often see as dead links on the interwebs.

Edit: I just made a zip with at least a part of those sources, uploaded here:

Maybe you can use some of it to fill some gaps.

markcwm commented:

Hey jfkEO,

thanks for all the goodies. Looks like a lot of great B3D stuff in there.

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