Blitz3d 1.108 installer + updates + doc paks + addon B003 + dplayx lib + dx7 lib

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hi !
since i have re installed Blitz3d recently on another computer, here is an archive with Blitz3d 1.108 installer + all updates + all doc paks + addon B003 + dplayx lib + dx7 lib :
have fun !

BlitzCoder commented:

Thanks for sharing RemiD. btw, I did check out boby sait's B003 addon and now considering to include it on future or next Blast3D release. also with the bilinear filtering as well.

still not clear though about the new bone functions part so perhaps we need more examples, but the RenderToTexture will be handy and a welcome addition.

RemiD commented:

still not clear though about the new bone functions part so perhaps we need more examples

sure, i will prepare a code example when i have some time...

BlitzCoder commented:

That would be great! perhaps this will cover the goals that you have mentioned here..

btw about animations, Bobysait shared an update of the blitz3d source code, to be able to create bones and skinnedvertices (and set weights) in code, also to get the position of skinnedvertices during animation.
i have some code examples on how to use, if you are curious.
the goal of this is :
. to be able to calculate vertices lighting shading correctly on an animated mesh.
. to be able to merge separate rigged skinned meshes into one rigged skinned mesh ( one skeleton (bones) + all skinnedvertices influenced by this skeleton ), can be useful if you want to have one base humanoid character and many different heads, hairs, clothes, armors, and merge everything to keep one mesh one surface one texture for the character.

RemiD commented:

yes, it is about that.

i don't have time right now, but i have already some old code examples on my hard drive, i will take a look at them later and simplify them for a better understanding.

farhad2023 commented:

Thanks RemiD

RemiD commented:

i have recently retested my games / apps made with blitz3d on my new laptop with Windows 11, and you have to include the directplay dll (dplayx.dll) version 5.3.2600.5512, to make a blitz3d executable work well on Windows 11. (assuming you use Blitz3d version 1.108). the more recent direcplay dll produce a crash / error message.

you also have to include the fmod.dll with the executable.

happy that it still works well with modern OS / computers.

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