Saver Max2D for Blitzmax

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SaverMax2D module provides a set of commands for coding screensaver.

Author: Red

Download :
Download : (simple example, advanced example, saver tools)

Features :

  • DirectX driver
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Preview mode
  • AboutBox
  • AboutBox pixmap logo
  • Saver debugger dialogbox
  • Saver icon
  • Saver longname
  • doc
  • Saver_Converter.exe ' convert .SCR.EXE file -> .SCR file
  • Saver_Resource.exe ' compile windows bbresource : icon & strings

How to install MINGW & SaverMax2D :

  1. Install Bmax 1.10 or higher
  2. Install minGW
    Add 'c:/mingw/bin' to your PATH env variable
    Add 'c:/mingw' to your MINGW env variable
  3. Extract 'winsaver.mod' to your 'mod/pub' directory.
  4. sync your docs
  5. When you finished setting, you must restart your Bmax IDE.

How to create a fully functionnal saver :

' optional part

  1. Place a 'bbicon.ico' file in your project directory.
  2. Place a 'bbstring.txt' file in your project directory.
  3. Start Saver_Resource.exe
    -> create bbresource.o

' main part
4. Compile your project: saver.scr.bmx
-> create saver.scr.exe
5. Start Saver_Converter.exe
-> create saver.scr

' Test your saver
6. Right-click on your SCR file and select INSTALL

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