KeyDown results in alternate characters popup (Mac)  

(Posted 5 days ago) init

Using SDL2 Max2D (thanks Ron!), all is going well except for keyboard input.
I am finding that holding down keys which have alternate character options (A, Z, etc.) are always resulting in the alternate character popup, whether in fullscreen or windowed mode.


Is there a preferred method of receiving key input in SDL2 Max2D instead of KeyDown in order to avoid this?

  (Posted 4 days ago) RonTek commented:

Sure thing and I don't know about this one, it seems to be an ongoing issue with the latest SDL release

Also technically, KeyDown is part of polled input and not SDL2 related as I don't see any wrapping to SDL's keyboard functions, so perhaps try MaxGUI key events instead like EVENT_KEYDOWN

(Posted 4 days ago) init commented:

That link actually pointed to the solution - when using SDL2 and polled input, you just add:


..and If needing full text input capability (with accented characters available), add in (temporarily):


That way, if you want to test some older BlitzMax examples (or touch up some old code), you can do so without a major rewrite of input routines.

Thanks again!

(Posted 2 days ago) RonTek commented:

That's great, glad you got this sorted out.

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