How to create proper fullscreen at app launch (Mac)  

(Posted 6 days ago) init

Just getting started with BlitzMax, using a Mac for development. I have user settings for my application saved in a configuration file loaded by my BlitzMax game on launch. Starting in windowed mode is no problem, but I want to make sure that if the user wants the game to start automatically in fullscreen on the Mac, it will start in the "proper" fullscreen expected by Mac users, meaning the "zoomed" window with traffic lights which can be toggled by pressing Control + Command + F.
I am wanting to avoid the use of exclusive fullscreen with a depth greater than 0 (i.e. Graphics 1024,768,32), and am also wanting to avoid MaxGUI (at least for now).

Is there a way to access the window created by the Graphics command and then maximize the window programatically?

  (Posted 5 days ago) RonTek commented:

Welcome to the forums init!

You should try the SDL2 Max2D as this is the one being updated and maintained (by Brucey).

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