NGCollision Library

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(Posted 2 weeks ago) RonTek

Another collision library for Blitz3D with manual and demo.

Author: Nuclear Glory

Download (v2.03)

(Posted 1 week ago) RemiD commented:

never seen this lib / code before, thanks for sharing !

(Posted 1 week ago) RonTek commented:

cheers RemiD. what do you think of this library? Is it better than stock b3d or something like coldet?

(Posted 1 week ago) RemiD commented:

I have not tested it yet...

But for collisions detection and repositionning, my preference is to use linepick (with a radius) and pickable meshes (low details), because i can use it whenever i want and the results are reliable so far. ( so no need of blitz3d collision system or updateworld() )

(but you have to understand what is global space, local space, global direction, local direction, global vectors, local vectors)

i can explain more if you are curious...

(Posted 1 week ago) RonTek commented:

That's great, but yes I will be needing your help eventually which is related to blitz3d stuff.

This library is actually abandonware and so I am curious how it compares to the free ones.

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