Blitz3D 1.200a Preview Update Release

(Posted 2 weeks ago) RonTek

Finally got a bit of time to work on B3D source stuff to get things started.. and so this is a preview alpha release, which addresses these updates and fixes:

  • MAV issues and improvements
  • Replaced FMOD with OpenAL/Vorbis. Ogg files support only (the official OpenAL32.dll requires MSCVR100d.dll which is already included in this package)

For posterity, the upcoming project and rebranding will continue the version numbering as well as include back and emulate DirectPlay commands/functionality for backwards compatibility, but with a new backend library such as RakNet or Socket.IO.

Of course, having the option to create a standalone or single exe is still one of the must haves, so will add this on my todo list.

As always, use at your own risk. I will then add this to the download section eventually. In the meantime, you can report bugs/issues while this particular release will remain as preview.

This community edition update is also made possible by several folks and forks that have added ideal changes and improvements.


Download Blitz3D 1.200a (CE) Preview (Updated 4/8/21, might require VC++ Redist 2012)

(Posted 2 weeks ago) Grindalf commented:

Downloading now YAAAAAAAY :D
EDIT: I cant get it to run, nothing happens.

(Posted 2 weeks ago) RonTek commented:

Hey Grindalf, are you not getting any runtime.dll message box errors? Are you using the default IDE?

This is tested with the latest v1.108 at BRL page. It should also work with fmod.dll less 1.106 and 1.108c.

Edit: I will be testing it with a new installation for both Windows 7 and 10.

(Posted 2 weeks ago) RonTek commented:

Update: There seems to be a pathing issue which blitzcc.exe cannot find the runtime.dll on a new Windows installation, although somehow it works on my dev setup and not sure why.. so should check out for this problem and perhaps rollback some updates related to this part.

(Posted 5 days ago) RonTek commented:

Just completed a rollback and this time the FMOD to OpenAL replacement is the only major update. Windows 10 compatibility should also work, but have to circle back with directplay so this legacy feature should be toggled (for now).

I'm just starting to get a hang on my new Win 10 setup so this is confirmed to work now.

If it still throws errors, it might require the VS 2012 C++ redist as stated on this update. New updated binaries available on the link above.

(Posted 5 days ago) Grindalf commented:

Also you put win10 compatability as an issue to be fixed. I've not had any problems with win10 compatability apart from the DXPlay.dll(which you can just drop into the folder along with the exe to fix that issue)

(Posted 4 days ago) RonTek commented:

Ah yes, I will be correcting this on the next release probably on the next major update or shift to the new site. Adding DXPlay.dll is a good idea and now I'm thinking if it is a good idea to keep it until the new networking update.

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