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(Posted 3 weeks ago) RonTek

GameScript SDK provides you with the power to compile and execute embedded script programs within your BlitzBasic application. Embedded scripts can be used as plug-ins, modable content, and much more. GameScript supports multi threading scripts, which allows you to run more than one script at the same time in your application.

Author: John J.


GameScript scripts are normally filed as “.gs” files and will be automatically compiled when necessary. When distributing your application, you can hide your script source code by simply deleting the “.gs” files, leaving the remaining compiled GameScript executables (.gsx). The “.gsx” files will exist for each “.gs” file after they have been run once (which automatically calls the GameScript compiler) or have been compiled manually with the GameScript compiler. This is extremely handy also if you have developed a plug-in for an application that utilizes GameScript, and you would like to protect your source code.

GameScript has very few limitations and is a full-featured programming language, including features such as custom data types, standard flow control, and an optimizing compiler. Some of the features GameScript includes are:

• Easy to use structured programmer-friendly BlitzMax-style language syntax
• Easy-to-use programmer interface
• Custom data types
• Functions with recursion support
• Local, Global, Constant, and Static variables
• A fast compiler
• Ultra-fast multi-threading virtual machine
• Protect your scripts – Since GameScript natively runs only GameScript executables (.gsx), there's no need for your script source code (.gs) to be included with your final distribution
• Automatic compile management – GameScript source code (.gs) is compiled to GameScript executable (.gsx) only when changes have been made.

Note: Funtion overloading, which might be mentioned in the manual, does not currently exist in this version of GameScript.

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