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(Posted 4 weeks ago) RonTek

gile[s] is a global illumination / radiosity lightmapper, capable of rendering high resolution lightmaps fast and efficiently.

gile[s] features an easy to use editor, that allows you to place models and lights without fuss.

gile[s] handles models of arbitrary complexity keeping smoothing groups intact, and rendering perfect results every time.

With gile[s] you can even paint directly to the lightmap, and mix and match vertex lighting and lightmaps as you please.

In short: gile[s] lights up your worlds.

Download gile[s] 2.0 beta 4 (Latest)

Download Legacy gile[s] 1.36

Download Scenes Pack
Download gile[s] B3D Parser

You can use the following code to activate the full version.
Registration name: Freeware
Registration code: GLS-7781-C787-C274


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