2021 and Beyond!

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

It's been an awesome and incredible journey since this community got started 3 years ago and slowly moving forward to what was planned with a main goal and objective. I really appreciate all the help and support with some great contributions and new peers along the way.

Moving forward, I have planned the next set of ideas to be keeping up with the times, development trends and to be more relevant, where it can try and go head to head with current tools and techniques, but at the same time still maintain that core concepts of these type of tools offered for which we keep coming back home to like a family or a reunion with an old friend.

With that in mind, a new site is in the works now with a .com name, leaning towards new and exciting projects and products, bringing the next level or "A" game, focusing more BlitzPlus or Blitz3D side of things. I have a lot of mini wip projects that I have yet to release and hopefully this will be the right time starting this year to this new site and concept.

To start things off, I thought of picking up where I left off with a project that was put on hold which is an attempted updated fork Blitz3D/Plus version. This will be free and opensource and will also serve as a starter pack game dev tool just to get things rolling. The planned updates for this tool will be more on the feature side or at least bring more new content, showcase, userlibs and extensions.

BlitzX will be (again) reshaped and now into a game maker/editor with blitz like scripting to keep up with the times of game development. Hard coding could still be an option but still using a script compiled version. This is too ensure ease of use and quick development time instead of running into issues to get something to build on a certain platform or target. A Developer Edition like what you see on my previous BlitzX demos might also be considered eventually.

Patreon is still the goto platform if you wish to give support and/or licensing part or accessing premium/paid content. More details when this new site is up and ready.

For content/tool creators offering free, donations or paid, a marketplace will be in place as well and possibly the option to link your existing store such as Itch.io or Steam.

As for branding, the initial thought would be to diverge from the Blitz name since the BlitzX project and the starter pack version will be moving forward with a new name and identity, for technical and other reasons and to avoid confusion from the BRL official version. The last idea and option would be putting the site under somethingcoolnamegames.com.

All these has been planned and part of my roadmap since the start of 2021. This has been lingering for quite some time early this year during which I really got quite busy within these past couple of months, but now hopefully to be back on track again this time around.

Most importantly, this BlitzCoder community forum will still continue indefinitely and will be more into BlitzMax, BlitzMax DX and Monkey-X content, but you can still post or share Blitz3D content as you please.

I am very keen and trying to find more ways and time to get all these things up and running and so I will be glad to invite members who currently has any new or ongoing BlitzBasic/Blitz3D/Plus related works and content to jump start this new site with me for the Beta launch.

..and of course, Blitz Legends a.k.a. long time BlitzBasic members are also welcome.

will keep you guys posted.

Thanks and cheers.

(Posted 1 year ago) Grindalf commented:

Sounds great I'm looking forward to the new site
Also an updated version of B3D would be a dream come true :D

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

cheers Grindalf. Yes, would love to get the new site up asap, but if ever I get something going with the updated B3D version then I guess I can post some preview here.

(Posted 1 year ago) Doggie commented:

I agree about an updated B3D being a dream come true. Along those lines I downloaded the Irrlicht library
I tried substituting commands in my B3D code but there must be more to it than that. The code wouldn't crash
it just didn't do anything then it quit. I was thinking if I could figure it out I could update my World Creator(HomeSPun)
to jazz up the graphics a bit. I consider myself a "hack and slash" programmer but occasionally I can get things going
with a little help.

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

cheers Doggie.

btw, are you talking about gman's or aqualung's Irrlicht library for B3D?

That would be much easier, but yes somehow most extended 3D libraries still needs some work or adjustments to match up with Blitz3D functions, particularly if you need to port things over.

(Posted 1 year ago) somenotliban commented:

I just hope the Map editor will be good. maplet is outdated

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

I just hope the Map editor will be good. maplet is outdated

cheers. yes, that would be the plan. In the meantime, you can check out gile[s] editor, another great alternative which fully supports B3D file format.

(Posted 1 year ago) somenotliban commented:

Hey there Ron. That's great to know that is one of the plans.

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Recently there are a few existing or previous editor and tools (including made with Blitz) that I have drawn inspiration from which is why I got interested in making it part of the plan.

It is also a possibility to make the toolset into a driver or plugin based, so porting to other system or console will not be an issue anymore. Something like what has been done with Ogre and Irrlicht with their expandable rendering system, but including sound and other components. There will be a built-in one of course.

The Blitz3D userlib approach already works well so taking it a step further is one for consideration.

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