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(Posted 4 weeks ago) RonTek

A simple idea inspired by the new zelda game for nintendo DS, The Phantom Hourglass.

The goal is to use simple predefined tile shapes to assemble worlds, and dungeons for overview type games.

"Its WIP but im enjoying the process, so far you can place tiles, texture each side individually, drop decals on walls and floors, as well as drop standard scenery. You may also drop "datapoints" wich are strings in 3d space you can parse at load time to drop engine specific data. (particles, events, ect) ."

At the moment it can only export raw data, and b3d meshes. the b3d export has several neat options already.

Author: RifRaf



(Posted 1 week ago) Doggie commented:

SUpplied unlock is invalid. I remember buying this a long time ago.

(Posted 1 week ago) RonTek commented:

Hey Doggie, not sure of the unlock issue. btw, I took that screenshot when I first tested it.

(Posted 1 week ago) Doggie commented:

Just saying. It's odd it works sometimes and sometimes not.
I'm not complaining by any means

(Posted 1 week ago) RonTek commented:

I see. It seems this is to be expected for projects that are no longer maintained and I'm not sure if this one that I found is the latest version.

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