Venus Hostage

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I just remembered this awesome looking half-life 2 style rated R game made with Blitz3D by Mirage Labs and still found a saved web archived downloadable demo.

Developer/Publisher: Mirage Labs

Download Demo (official archived copy)

Venus Hostage Demo Download Blitz3D

Venus Hostage Demo Download Blitz3D

TomToad commented:

This game gives a Memory Access Violation on my WIndows 10 machine.

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey Tom, since this is one older games and before some blitz3d updates I also expect this will happen in Windows 10..

I have read from the archives and articles to turn off DEP and add this as an exception. perhaps this will solve the MAV issue.

jfkEO commented:

Amazing graphics.

WazMeister commented:

Looks amazing, was source or sample code ever released?

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