why cant you send pm's to people?

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well.. thats it..

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey HC, yes still working on this, might do the updated profile first to show email info by settings. cheers.

hardcoal commented:

cool bud

AKNightHawk commented:

hehe I was actually wondering that myself. I would like to PM RonTek.

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey guys, I'm still doing some other stuff, but I could make the update soon to provide email info on profile with settings/permissions.


In the meantime, you can just email me at ron [at] blitzcoder [dot] org


AKNightHawk commented:

Well what I wanted to ask I actually just posted it here. No biggie. :D I wanted to see if you would be interested in helping be design a game engine?

BlitzCoder commented:

Ah ok.. to keep it on topic, I'll post my replies there.

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