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(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek

Noocraft is a small Minecraft-clone, a sandbox game, where it's all about editing a landscape made from nothing but cubes. There is no actual 'goal' to reach - except having fun of course. The game is multiplayer oriented, meaning it's encouraged to build cities, dungeons, forests etc. with your friends.

Author: Noobody

The game has been written in B3D (client), Lua (block data), C++ (for all the crazy things B3D doesn't allow) and BMax (dedicated server). The game is still in alpha stage, so crashes and connection problems may occur.

There is also a community server, where Noocrafters can meet to edit a huge and persistent map. The last map was already quite big with 512x32x512 blocks, but was filled within two weeks. The server has been restarted today with a fresh and bigger map with enough space to build. The old map has been saved and is now enclosed in the client, if someone wants to take a look (I really recommend it - crazy stuff has been built).
To join, simply click on Multiplayer, change your nick name and start the client.

The server used to be 'free for all', but after problems with griefers, I had to introduce an account system. This means that if you join the server, you may look, but not edit unless you have an account. If you wish to be registered, just drop me an email at with your nickname and the password you wish to have (can be changed afterwards), and I'll add you to the account list. It is a bit inconvenient, but it's better than having the map spammed with swastikas (which happened twice in the past).

Long story short:
Download client (windows): Link

If you wish to host a persistent game:
Download Dedicated Server (Windows/Linux): Link

Source Code:
Find it here. Link

Noocraft Minecraft Clone Blitz3D

Noocraft Minecraft Clone Blitz3D

Noocraft Minecraft Clone Blitz3D

Noocraft Minecraft Clone Blitz3D

Noocraft Minecraft Clone Blitz3D

(Posted 2 months ago) Grindalf commented:

I remember seeing this. Looked really special

(Posted 2 months ago) Doggie commented:

Load works but save gives a library not found error

(Posted 1 month ago) jfkEO commented:

Looks great

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