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(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek

It's been a while since my last BlitzX update as I have been busy with some stuff last year and lately.

I started picking up again and dusting off the code cobwebs and so after some tinkering, here is a BlitzX demo of Mak's Driver for Android.

To control the vehicle, this demo showcases more touch controls and with that I thought of dividing the screen into 3 parts (left/center/right) which you can simply use the following actions:

Accelerate/Forward: Touch/Hold anywhere at the center
Accelerate + Turn Left: Touch/Hold anywhere left of screen
Accelerate + Turn Right: Touch/Hold anywhere right of screen

I left out the reverse to make it simple, perhaps a small reverse gear button or switch on the next

Please note again that it might take a while on first load with most devices (10 - 15 seconds), succeeding launch could run faster unless reinstalled or cleared the cache.

BlitzX - Android Driver Demo APK Download


(screenshot from my ol' trusty android 4.x emulator for backwards compatibility and quick testing)

(Posted 2 months ago) jfkEO commented:

Congratulations! It's pretty cool to have something running on an Android device, esp. 3D. Keep up the good work.

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

Thanks jfkEO. The plan is to make this 1:1 with all Blitz3D commands, including orientation and rotation. cheers.

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