Rehi, and my BB2JS project, showcasing "Jack Airbourne" Platformer

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(Posted 2 months ago) jfkEO

Hey everybody, die hard Blitzers, hope you are all fine! Javascript is great as it allows multiplatform development and is very powerful, but it's also a nightmare in user-unfriendlyness, guru-talk and in general overcomplication. How comfie would it be to be able to code in the good old Blitz IDE and in the end of the day have it running in the browser! Therefor I took the bait and started a code converter, a limited set of blitz commands, no 3D, all 2D on a html5 canvas, and it went surprisingly straight forward. The converter output still needs to be debugged massively, but a whole bunch of code is converted nicely, reducing tons of typo-risks. After porting some tiny examples including a tetris, I became encouraged to try something bigger. So I wrote down a 2D platformer, and once it had some gameplay I started the conversion. I have learned a lot during those 48 hrs of debugging, but now I have it there, Jack Airbourne, running in the Browser.
I have posted everything open source, the games' blitz version, the js version, the bb2js converter. The blitz game version contains an integrated map editor, it all runs out of the box and I published it on, see here: (downloads game in BB and JS as zip)

playable in browser:

(note, there's a sometimes-bug, the surrounding page (not by me) seems to bind the space key, just like my game. It works ok when not in an iframe tho.)

the converter project:

I will, if you guys want me to, have it in the games section here too (yet have to explore the features of this Forum)
That's all for now, wish you all a great 2021.

(Posted 2 months ago) RemiD commented:

hi jfkeo !

glad to see that you are well.

good luck with your project !

(Posted 2 months ago) jfkEO commented:

Hey RemiD, this is kind of like a class reunion ^^ Thanks.

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

Awesome project there! I really like the game. Looking forward to the updates!

I will, if you guys want me to, have it in the games section here too (yet have to explore the features of this Forum)

Sure thing and that would be awesome! I will be uploading the html5 files soon. Thanks for sharing!

(Posted 2 months ago) jfkEO commented:

Cool, thank you!

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

Btw, can you make some adjustments for this version and make it full screen so it fits with the iframe formatting on the Games section?

You can check out the red flying chicken monkey-x game for reference here.

(Posted 1 month ago) jfkEO commented:

Yeah I will as soon as I get to it. Recently I was testing lots of WebGL engines with the idea in mind to add 3D support to the BB2JS converter, so I was kind of absorbed. Like one thing leads to another, I suddently found myself in the rewriting of keyboard handlers and audio engines for some frameworks that had goodies, but also lacked of certain fundamental features. At least I have learned how to write a JS keys handler that also works on, so I may update Jack Airbourne html5 version soon. Even tho, it works for some reason already. But I agree, fullscreen is ugly, but I cannot promise to use the entire screen, as that would require a flexible aspect ratio. This has old school 4:3, I may just center it and make the BG black.

(Posted 1 month ago) RonTek commented:

I see and no worries.

btw and I forgot to mention that it's already up weeks ago.
just resized it to 640x480 which is the site's game frame default.

(Posted 1 month ago) jfkEO commented:

Oh, I got it hardcoded to 960 x 720 in several code parts. I just uploaded a new version that fixes several bugs.

(Posted 1 month ago) RonTek commented:

Ok no worries. It's just a quick and replace, will update soon. cheers.

(Posted 1 month ago) hardcoal commented:

Im here too!

(Posted 1 month ago) jfkEO commented:

I see you converted and published it, thanks a lot!

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