Image Resizer (Specially for Upscaling Pixel Art)

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(Posted 3 months ago) RonTek

Image resizer is a free software designed for resizing image especially for upscaling low res pixel art image multiple times.

This software contains many pixel art scaling algorithm that only can be found in video game emulators as image filter. If it is about upscaling pixel art, this software is currently the best as nothing can beat it even it was the proprietary Photoshop or Perfect Resizer.


The user interface is very straighforward, you just:

  • Choose an image that you want to upscale;
  • Choose scaling method that you desire (I reccomended use xBR 4x, but another method is also worth to be tried);
  • Set another parameter if necessary;
  • Save as your image.


The limitation of these pixel art algorithm are they only capable for magnifying picture in predefined size, such as 2x, 3x, or 4x and cannot be used to shrink images. The solution when you want to resize you picture with custom size is to magnify the picture with the pixel art scaling algorithms first, then shrink it with lanczos or another filter to the desired size. For example, a pixel art image with dimension 2x2 pixel want to be scaled until 7x7 pixel (almost 4 times of its original size). So the solution is by using - let's say - Hq4x filter to magnify it until 8x8 pixel, then shrink it with lanczos filter to 7x7 pixel. The image will looks perfectly with this method.

Author: Hawkynt

Download (Latest version r129)

Image Resizer (Specially for Upscaling Pixel Art)

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