Randomized house

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(Posted 3 months ago) Tonit79

Here is what I achieved with blitz3d. the code itself isn´t perfect and some things I need to adjust better like stairs not appearing in every floor. But programming isn´t easy. But I think I can make this to a game in few months .

(Posted 3 months ago) RonTek commented:

Looking great! This will look even nicer with textures on. Keep it up!

(Posted 3 months ago) Tonit79 commented:

Here is the same program, slightly modified, and now with art paintings in the walls

(Posted 2 months ago) Grindalf commented:

This is pretty awesome, I love procedural generation

(Posted 2 months ago) RemiD commented:

nice !

i also like to build the environments proceduraly (using premade parts)

if each texture is small enough (width, height), you can display many different without problem...

and if later there is some slow down (because many separate textures = many separate surfaces), an alternative would be to use one big texture with all your paintings aside each other, and one surface with all the quads, and play with the quads vertices U,V to display a specific painting on a specific quad...

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