BlitzMax DX 1.0 Alpha Release (Windows)

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Today marks the first and version 1.0 Alpha release of BlitzMax Deluxe or DX!

After some thoughts and observation, I have decided to give DX a compact and modular feel or "build as you go" and not overwhelm or pack extra mods or tools like maxgui, sdl, etc..

So as part of this Alpha test program and release, desktop builds is only available specifically for Windows and mods/tools will be posted as future updates.

64-bit and multithreaded works fine and as always better to use Super Strict since this is not your vanilla flavor anymore..

Also, since DX is forked from a previous release of NG, it needs MinGW to build the sources. I would recommened using 5.x and later with tdm-gcc 5.1.0 being the supported version at this time. Make sure you add your MinGW and its path in your system or environment variable.

A supplementary MinGW supported mirror package download is in the works and perhaps a quick start guide or FAQ, so more on this soon..

Happy Coding!

Download BlitzMax DX 1.00 Alpha for Windows

BlitzMax DX 1.0 Alpha Release (Windows)

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