Evolution of Blitz3D Engine Games 2002-2012


Blitz3D is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and flexible programming language designed for the sole purpose of writing slick, playable videogames! Whether you want to create action packed 3D games, 2D puzzlers, adventures, RPGS, whatever...Blitz3D can do it! Blitz3D is based on the popular BASIC programming language.

Uploader: GameForest

List of Blitz3D Engine Games:
0:00 - Vampiromania 2002 Micrsoft Windows
0:43 - Firestart September 01, 2006 Micrsoft Windows
1:47 - Bug Mania March 26, 2007 Micrsoft Windows
2:27 - TECNO - the Base 2008 Micrsoft Windows
3:10 - Derelict July 06, 2008 Micrsoft Windows
3:43 - SCP: Containment Breach April 14, 2012 Micrsoft Windows

jfkEO commented:

impressive - that said, there were hundreds of excellent 3D games. btw how do I like a posting?

somenotliban commented:

scp cb is the best thing to come out of b3d!

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