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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

Code Archives are now in place (clean slate) with forum integration using tags!

See top navigation menu for link.

(Posted 2 years ago) markcwm commented:

Hey that's a good idea! Just tag a post and it ends up in the code archives.

(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek commented:

Thanks Mark! I just noticed and thought this can be an improvement from the old site which sometimes contributors have to post twice when they want to discuss their code aside from the comment section from the archive. I'm also planning to use this method with showcase and galleries.

(Posted 2 years ago) markcwm commented:

Do you mean on BB? Did old Blitzcoder have a forum? I was never a member.

Yes, on BB it was a bit of a pain to post again to code archives but it meant people could post their code and decide if they wanted to license and share it later. With the tag system this can also be the case, the only difference would be that people would need to specify the license type at the top of the code snippet ie. state it is public domain.

(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek commented:

Yes with old BB. In regard to code or snippet license, aside from the credits I was thinking of following the same public domain default license unless indicated by the author. I could post the terms or info on these on the archives index or the FAQ page.


(Posted 2 years ago) markcwm commented:

Well this might work up to a point but once you have multiple code snippets from multiple authors who may or may not want to share their code then you have confusion and could loose good code. It would be better to inform people on the code archives board that they need to add a license and author comment to all code snippets they intend to share. This would also mean when you copy the code you won't forget the license.

(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek commented:

Yes, I can put some disclaimer on the archive page so contributors will be aware on their preferred licensing. Thanks!

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