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(Posted 4 months ago) sprotz

I have compiled a shared library for OpenB3d Blitz3D in a attempt to port it to Android. I am yet to pack it in an Apk and test it with Python and SDL2 for Android. Meanwhile, someone who knows more about Android dev can test it.
Link: libb3d

Link to modified source code for this lib: libb3d_source

(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek commented:

This is awesome sprotz! though it would be nice if you can post the sources and changes so it is easier to sync with the android tools and lib specs.

I take it these are only the command set or the only issue that I have to point out is the runtime dll or exe as if im not mistaken this is the core and where the bbcodes are compiled.

(Posted 4 months ago) sprotz commented:

Added the sources as requested.

(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek commented:

Oh I see. This is OpenB3D, which I have already tested working with BlitzX as its gfx renderer.

I thought you were talking about the actual Blitz3D from Blitz3D NG.

..and I am still yet to see a working Python on Android port, I tried several tutorials out there but none of them work for me, must be doing something wrong.

Have you already created a Python app with SDL for Android? It seem that would be the first step.

Edit: I have updated the thread title for clarity.

(Posted 4 months ago) sprotz commented:

No, but the Python interpreter has already been ported to Android and it was used to run some other game engine also ported to Android. SDL2 is also available for Android but I haven't seen any projects using Python and SDL2 together on Android. In theory it should be possible by using ctypes. That way Python can call SDL functons in a shared library, and it can also call functions of a Game engine shared library, in this case Blitz3d.

(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek commented:

No, but the Python interpreter has already been ported to Android

Nice, it was really years ago when I attempted on some early howto ports.

Yes, SDL2 was a favorite for a lot of game and game engine ports but this is a hefty library. It works great though.

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