3D Text Library

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(Posted 2 weeks ago) RonTek

This bitmap font library is designed for easily creating text in a 3D game.

To create a bitmap font to use with this text library, use the GG_Make_Bitmap_Font() function. This will create a bitmap (.bmp) and a font description text file (.ggfnt) in a GG_Bitmap_Fonts folder. After the bitmap (.bmp) file is created. It is recommended that you load the image into an image editing program such as Photoshop, then decorate the font to look nice. Make the black background transparent and save the image as a .png. GG_Load_Bitmap_Font() will first look for a .png file, then look for a .bmp file if a .png isn't found. If you do make a .png file, you can delete the original .bmp file.



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