Microsoft Edge is Malware?

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek

I thought of giving Edge a try as soon as I switched to Windows 10.. but once in a while you bump into news like these..

really disappointing

(Posted 6 months ago) RonTek commented:

Trying out Edge in Win7 and turned off all tracking, looking good so far..

default fonts in older Chrome version still looks the best.

(Posted 1 month ago) jfkEO commented:

Edge is since some day in 2020 using the open source chromium project (like Chrome, Brave, Opera, I think Firefox). Whether they added malwareish components, who's to know. All browsers spy on you, except maybe for Brave with Tor. However, Edge has about 2x render speed when it comes to webGL2, compared to Firefox and Brave. That's how they got me :)

(Posted 1 month ago) RonTek commented:

Under Settings, Privacy and Services, have you turned off "Improve Microsoft products by sending data about how you use the browser"?

I think that's all there is perhaps some more privacy switches, ad blockers or preference..

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