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(Posted 8 months ago) LitchLight

Fungames Factory is down but the wayback machine has a copy of the IDE...

From their page:

About IDEal:

IDEal is an advanced new Integrated Development Enviroment ( IDE ) for Blitz Plus and Blitz Basic 3D, easy to use for beginners, yet very powerful with many advanced features for power Blitz users.

IDEal's main purpose is to help you to create your Games and Utilities in Blitz faster and with more fun and pleasure.

First public release: 01.01.2007


IDEal is linkware. If you want to be a registered user, please provide a link to from your website. Providing a link is not obligatory, but will be highly appreciated.
You can just copy & paste the following one line of code to your website and you are already a registered user :
<a href="http:\">Fun Games Factory </a>

Minimum system requirements:

Microsoft Window 98 or later operating system
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed
128 MB RAM
5 MB Hard Disk Space
200 Mhz Processor
16 MB Graphics card
Blitz Basic, Blitz Basic 3D ( upgraded to version 1.77 or later ) or Blitz Plus ( any version ) installed

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