Loading DLL while program Run

(Posted 9 months ago) hardcoal

Hi.. can you load dll while program run and than approuch it?
or do you have to compile your code again?

(Posted 9 months ago) hardcoal commented:

Well. i guess ill try my luck on syntax bomb

(Posted 9 months ago) RonTek commented:

I have not tried this, but I think it should work on events or while program is running.

The best way is to try it yourself.

(Posted 9 months ago) hardcoal commented:

Yea.. Thanks I already started trying myself..
Ill report if success will be achieved ..

btw yes your forum does check for spelling errors.. but it doesnt suggest words when it encounter an misspellings

(Posted 9 months ago) hardcoal commented:

Yea this is really gonna be worthy if ill find a way to make it work..
if it will work as i wish it will be revolutionary ..

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