BlitzMax error message in Win10

(Posted 9 months ago) Bitmapbro

Hi all,
Can anyone please help me with this issue,
I downloaded and installed BlitzMax in Win10 on my Laptop and i`m getting a (unable to create BlitzMax temp directory) message, when i try to run it?



(Posted 9 months ago) TomToad commented:

Where did you install BlitzMax to? YOu should install it where you have access rights to such as your home directory, root, or a second drive. If you install it to Program Files or Program Files(x86) then BlitzMax will have problems.

(Posted 9 months ago) Bitmapbro commented:

Thanks a lot TomToad. I did install to Prog Files (x86)!
I have re-installed to C: and now running fine :-)

Kind regards,


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