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(Posted 10 months ago) RonTek

I present you my project "BlitzTiles", the successor to the now discontinued project TerraTiles. It is based on it (huge outdoor 3D terrain, character steering, day/night shift) but I redesigned everything from the scratch and it is using a quadtree now instead of a unoptimized mesh.

Author: Krischan

EDIT: I updated the package, it is now possible to download a complete installation and separate maps here:

Main Program: BlitzTiles 1.02 (4.4MB)
MAP: Desert Mesa 1025x1025 (3.7MB)
MAP: Grand Canyon 1025x1025 (5.5MB)
MAP: Monkey Island 2049x2049 (5.2MB)
MAP: Middle Earth 2049x2049 (7.3MB)
MAP: Zillertal 1025x1025 (5.1MB)

Tutorial how to create real Terrains for BlitzTiles

BlitzTiles features:

  • Third Cam perspective and freeflight mode
  • reads Terragen heightmaps with 16bit precision
  • realistic sizes by the Terragen file scale
  • creates a tiled, quadtree-optimized mesh with seamless chunks (using QTS)
  • cuts a larger texture to smaller textures fitting these tiles
  • calculates the vertex normals out of the Terragen heightmap
  • simulates a seamless night and day shift
  • animated water / ocean
  • moving and changing clouds
  • starry night with star twinkle
  • increasing sun brightness
  • moon phases
  • Island mode
  • Loading bar
  • many settings changeable through INI text files
  • and it is FREE

The package contains three well optimized demo maps to show these features, additional there is a help file in CHM format included (Windows help) with a complete documentation of all INI settings explained, media files and the source. And I describe the creation of a new scene using L3DT in a tutorial. For the sake of completeness I added the original source of TerraTiles with some functions not used in BlitzTiles but they can be still interesting for your own projects.

Here are the screenshots of the three maps:

You can use BlitzTiles for different projects, for Roleplaying, Egoshooter or just outdoor 3D games. Certainly there is place for improvment but I reached the limit of my skills now (but it is running nice at this point, approx. 300-400FPS, sometimes 700-800). If you think you can improve it then DO IT because I publish this project under a modified BSD license and the code is free!

One possible improvement could be to add fractal subdivision close to the player to increase the detail level or even add texture splatting close to it and use BlitzTiles just for average / far distances. Or leave it like it is and use it as a base for you own projects.

I've been working a whole month on this project and I still think that it is not finished. But I wanted to share it with the community NOW. I'm working on large outdoor areas in Blitz3D since two and a half year (since i started with Blitz3D) and this is my replacement solution for BlitzTerrains. I hope it is successful and you like it.

And now finally the download of version 1.01 [7zip SFX Archive, 17.7MB]: blitztiles101.exe

Please notice that you'll need additional two components to run BlitzTiles, this is due a license change between Version 1.00 and 1.01:

  1. eole's QTS Quadtree Terrain System, modified by me (put this into the "inc" folder of BlitzTiles), original by eole (included in main program BlitzTiles package)
  2. The 3D dwarf Model made by "psionic", extract the contents of the into the "models" folder of BlitzTiles:

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