Introduction and Newbie needing help please?

(Posted 3 months ago) Bitmapbro

Hi all,
i am a newbie here (been on LemonAmiga since 2016 and joined EAB recently) I have coded on C64 (Basic) in the 80s, Amiga (AMOS) in the 90s and touched on BlitzBasic for PC in 2018 and would like to try more Programming Languages. Does anyone know where i can get manuals for Blitz3D, BlitzPlus and MonkeyX please as, the links on this site arnt working (only BlitzMax?) Im interested in 2D Game making, i`m creative and have enjoyed Programming in the past and would appreciate any advice ie..... which program is best for 2D?, where to find Tutorials and assets like Bitmaps, Sprites and Sound files or Generators for them that are compatible with Blitz etc.....

Thanks in advance, Bitmapbro

p.s. I wish someone would make a Game making program like the Shoot em up construction kit (SEUCK) that was available for the Amiga computer! It was limited as you didn`t use any code but, it was easy to make all aspects of a Game within a single program! A modern day version that lets users input code to create more sophisticated Games would be great.

(Posted 3 months ago) hardcoal commented:

A) Concentrate on Blitzmax..
B) Add TimelineFX
C) You can also get help on the site called SyntaxBomb. along with this site

Here is some Code Guide

If you install Blide IDE you can also Use the Help Search to search for commands..

Here is some modules

MonkeyX Examples

here is old page of blitz help

im working on editor for 2D games.. so.. i might happen.. who knows..

im also from the C64 Era.. and Amiga..
Cya Soon

(Posted 2 months ago) TomToad commented:

If you are interested in learning MonkeyX, I would suggest instead CerberusX. MonkeyX has not been in development for a while now. CerberusX is a fork of MonkeyX, so does everything MonkeyX does, but is also still supported.

(Posted 2 months ago) hardcoal commented:

good recomendation from tomtoad.
i just learnt that cerberus is a monkey x branch

(Posted 2 months ago) Bitmapbro commented:

Thanks very much hardcoal and TomToad for your pointers and advice, its much appreciated. I`ll check all out and will let you know how i get on!

Kind regards and keep safe,

Bitmapbro 💾

p.s. Lots of free games on at the moment to take the Covid 19 blues away!

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