Should I move from B3d to OpenB3d/MiniB3d?

(Posted 3 months ago) Sam

I havent really used blitzmax much at all. Ran some examples Ect ..hah

I just keep having the feeling that blitz3d and Dx7 stuff will be completely phased out at some point and might not even Run eventually ( some times have to hack at it now)
I know Opengl has similar Texture stages and states to Dx would i have access to those? (like blitz3d with FastExt)

Getting my stuff from 3dws into something like unity or unreal takes a while as I have to mess with all the textures and material settings. (thats if they even load)

Copper Cube loads them just fine but Seems to nearly die from draw calls (im guessing it doesnt colapse the mesh?)
remove the lightmaps and use dynamic directional shadows and its becomes a slide show.


(Posted 3 months ago) RonTek commented:

Yes, I would recommend testing out the examples and get started with BlitzMax a bit.

Just a heads up on the coordinate system which is kinda reversed on y and z axis. That is only the tricky part if you plan to port your Blitz3D stuff to Max.

(Posted 3 months ago) markcwm commented:

Blitz3d still has many better options than Openb3d/Minib3d like the many physics engine wrappers, etc, in Openb3d there's Newton but only support for primitives. If you wanted to move you would be looking for cross-platform, free open source, nice language, and don't mind GCC compiler issues, only need a retro engine GL2, don't mind a small community, and are prepared to work around or solve missing features. Otherwise you should consider AGK.

(Posted 3 months ago) hardcoal commented:

blitzmax is the way.. because its object oriented.. its another lever of programming
but yea.. the only close things to blitz 3d is Xors3d which is much better than blitz3d but yea its not under development
but so does blitz3d.

(Posted 3 months ago) Blitzman commented:

Hi Sam use BlitzMax and OpenB3dMax.It is getting a bit sexy,with shaders,shadows.I am trying to get Newton Physics,working with it at the mo.

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