BZip2 for Blitz3D

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(Posted 10 months ago) RonTek

A bzip2 wrapper dll for blitz3d. It allows bz2 compression.

The bzip2 file compression program was developed by Julian Seward and launched on the 18th of July in 1996. It has remained an open source program, available to all for free. bzip2 compression program is based on Burrows–Wheeler algorithm. The program can compress files but cannot archive them. Julian Seward is still in charge of maintaining the program. The compression application works on all major operating systems and is available as a BSD-like license. The program uses .bz2 as its filename extension, application/x-bzip2 as the media type on internet and public.archive.bzip2 as the uniform type identifier.

Author: elias_t


BZip2 for Blitz3D

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