Pick color from mouse position

(Posted 4 months ago) Blitzman

Hi guys i have a reticle(Sprite) attached to the mouse pointer,and i want to get the color under the mouse pointer,but because i have reticle it keeps picking the color of the sprite.Not whats under it.
any help TY.Basically im working on color picker.

(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey BlitzMan, I think this topic has been discussed a few times before and is somehow popular. What I remember was to try and hide it for one frame pick the color and show it again in your loop, it's actually that simple and should not be noticeable.

While Not KeyHit(1)
  'your custom HideMouse sprite
  'your PickColor routine
  'your custom ShowMouse sprite

see if that works.

(Posted 4 months ago) Blitzman commented:

Thanks RonTek i`ll give that a bash.

(Posted 4 months ago) Blitzman commented:

Just using the default windows pointer helps the best.Thanks again

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