Simple 2D Waypoint Editor

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(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek

Create smooth transitions between way points. Left click to put down a way point. Press space to start the waypoint following. Space to Stop and start again.

Author: Ross C


; **** 2D waypoint editor, modified. Original Code by Ross C *****
; ****                 Modified code by Ross C               *****
; ****     create smooth transitions between way points      *****

Graphics 800,600,0,2
SetBuffer BackBuffer()

Global max_path_points=100

Dim pathx#(max_path_points-1); set up 101 path points
Dim pathy#(max_path_points-1); -1 because arrays start at zero

Global path_counter=-1
Global current_path=0
Global cx#=0
Global cy#=0
Global ex#=400
Global ey#=100
Global movement_started=0

While Not KeyHit(1)

    If MouseHit(1) Then
            setpath(MouseX(),MouseY()); set path point with the mouses current coords
    End If

    If KeyHit(57) And movement_started=0 And path_counter>0 Then; if spacebar pressed then move rectangle
        current_path=0; reset the current path to 0
        cx=pathx(0); set the rectangles coords to the first path point
        movement_started=1; set flag for movement started
    End If
    If KeyHit(28) Then; if the enter key is pressed then stop movement
        movement_started=0; clear flag for movement
        cx=pathx(0); set rectangle coords to the first path point
        current_path=-1; set current path to none exsistant
    End If

    draw_path_points(); function for drawing the pathpoints
    If movement_started=1 Then move(); draw the moving rectangle and move it
    Color 200,200,200; set drawing color
    Rect MouseX()-1,MouseY()-1,2,2; draw mouse location with a rectangle
    Text 0,0,"Click mouse to set path point. Press spacebar to start animation. Press enter to stop."
    Text 0,10,"movement started="+movement_started

Function move()
    If current_path<path_counter Then; make sure the current path point is less than the highest
        ;/\ basically means find the angle between the current path point and the next one /\
        cx=cx+Cos(ang)*3; increase the x coord of the rect following the path points based on the angle
        cy=cy+Sin(ang)*3; increase the y coord of the rect following the path points based on the angle
        Color 100,200,100; change drawing color
        Rect cx-3,cy-3,6,6; draw the rectangle central to it's coords
        If Abs(cx-pathx(current_path+1))<2 And Abs(cy-pathy(current_path+1))<2 Then
            ; /\ if the rects coords are with a 1 pixel distance of the path point then /\
            current_path=current_path+1; increase the current path point number
            cx=pathx(current_path); set the rectangles coords to that of the next path point
        End If
    End If
    angle=ATan2( cy - ey, cx - ex ); find the angl between the enemies and the waypoint follower
    dist=Sqr( (ex-cx)*(ex-cx)+(ey-cy)*(ey-cy) ); find the distance between them
    DebugLog dist
    ex=ex+(Cos(angle)/1)*(dist/30); move the enemy at speed relative to the distance
    ey=ey+(Sin(angle)/1)*(dist/30); move the enemy at speed relative to the distance
    Rect ex-15,ey-15,30,30; draw the enemy
End Function

Function setpath(x,y)
    path_counter=path_counter+1; increase counter
        If path_counter>max_path_points-1 Then; if counter is higher than the available number of path points then set it back
        Else; else 
           pathx(path_counter)=x; record the x and y positions
        End If
End Function

Function draw_path_points()
    For loop=0 To path_counter; loop through all the path points
        Color 100,100,200
        Rect pathx(loop),pathy(loop),2,2
        If loop<path_counter Then; do this loop while the loop value is less than the highest path value
            Rect pathx(loop+1)-1,pathy(loop+1)-1,2,2; draw a rectangle at the path point so its central
            Color 50,50,150; change drawing color
            Line pathx(loop),pathy(loop),pathx(loop+1),pathy(loop+1); draw a line between the current point and the next one
        End If
End Function

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