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(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek

The Fontmaker generates a bitmap font from every installed font. There are some functions for the visual enhancement of the fonts.
The font size is infinitely adjustable from 8 to 80 pixels. All changes are displayed in real time.
All settings for the fonts can be saved. 15 predefined projects are included in the download.

The fonts can be saved in 24-bit or 32-bit with alpha channel. In addition, a small file is generated in which the font information is saved. These can be read out with any programming language in order to format the individual characters of the fonts.

Sample codes for Blitz3D/Plus and BlitzMax are included. An export of the fonts for SpriteCandy (Blitz3D) is also integrated.

Version 1.1: Problems with monochrome fonts fixed!

Author: Jumper



  • Automatic conversion of each font into a bitmap font
  • Export for Sprite Candy (Blitz3D)
  • Export for Sprite Effects (BlitzMax)
  • Save the bitmap fonts for BB and BlitzMax with sample codes
  • Save and export as 24 bit or 32 bit with AlphaChannel
  • The saved bitmap fonts can also be used with any other programming language
  • Any number of presets for fonts can be saved
  • Exact creation of bitmap fonts without pixel waste
  • Gradient with up to 5 different color transitions
  • Gradient is horizontal, vertical or diagonal
  • Clean outline can be switched on for the fonts
  • fading trail for visual enhancement of the fonts
  • A switchable 3D chamfer ensures a slight rounding of the fonts
  • All changes are visible in real time



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