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(Posted 11 months ago) RonTek

I made a quick sample on how we can use and Monkey-X for Network stuff using a NodeJS server. I tried a lot of solutions with websockets, get/post, nuggetta and some other frameworks that usually cost money from a specific amount of messages send. is a very cool Network API for browser communication with Nodejs, it uses a websockets and also a fallback swf in the background if the browser not supports them.

Games like, are made with

It is usually used with jQuery, AngularJS or Phaser, but i want to stick with monkey so i made spend a few hours to get into it, and suprisingly this was very easy to achieve.

The one and only "bad" thing is that it needs a server running nodejs service with an open port, which may be a problem for some hosters.

You can find the small simple test "game" also on github:

Author: Salmakis

Server Side:

Client Side:

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