Devil Shadow System

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(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek

The Devil Shadow System is a fast stencil shadow system, made in a team of bytecode77 and Dare Devil. It's the most famous Devil-Engine of all four because there are not many alternatives. It is a volumetric shadow system, which is much faster and even more precise than a render-to-texture shadow system. Some experimental stencil shadow libraries for Blitz3D only support Z-Pass, which means that the camera can't go inside of the shadow volume without producing glitches. The current version of the Devil Shadow System however, uses Z-Fail. Also the shadowed areas are not rendered with half of the brightness, but instead with ambient light values.

Stencil shadows are created by casting a volumetric mesh that represents the shape of the shadow on the scene and render everything with ambient light that's inside of that volume. The Devil Shadow System also supports ENBM (Environmental Bump Mapping). This effect can be used to create distorted reflection and refraction effects. Note: ENBM is not to be confused with Dot3 Bump Mapping!

Special thanks to Tom, who is the author of the two included DLL's!

Special thanks to markcwm for keeping a copy of Devil's libraries.

Author: bytecode77, Dare Devil

Download Devil Shadow System v1.35u for Blitz3D

Devil Shadow System Blitz3D

Devil Shadow System Blitz3D

Devil Shadow System Blitz3D

Devil Shadow System Blitz3D

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