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Tweet 3d cross-platform monkey-x frameworks toolbox

Vortex is an open-source, lightweight 3D graphics rendering library which is easy to use and easy to integrate with any application that requires graphics. It can also be used as the base for a higher level graphics or game engine.

It has been released under the terms of the MIT license, which allows its use within both open and closed source software. This license allows to use the library in commercial applications.



  • A clean, simple object oriented API programmed.
  • Works on all targets that support OpenGL ES 2: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and HTML5.
  • Graphics architecture based on modern OpenGL ES 2.0. It makes use of shaders and vertex buffer objects.
  • Supports 2D (primitives, images, text) and 3D rendering.
  • Loads textures in the most common formats: JPG, PNG, BMP...
  • Includes tool to convert TrueType (ttf) fonts into bitmap based fonts.
  • Meshes can be created in code or loaded from a custom format (includes tool which uses the Irrlicht engine to import meshes, with support for several popular formats).
  • Materials support diffuse color, diffuse texture, lightmap, normal map, cube map, opacity, specular reflections and shadows. They also support different blending modes: solid, alpha, additive, multiplicative.
  • Dynamic lighting with directional and point lights (configurable number of lights).
  • Realtime shadows from a single directional light source.
  • Vertex based animation for meshes (vertex animations are automatically generated from skeletal animations).
  • Linear fog for ambient effects.


Download zip file and put the vortex folder on that same <MonkeyX>/modules_ext location. Open and run convert2monkey.monkey to generate monkey source files.

Vortex 3D Monkey-X Blitz3D 3D Engine

Vortex 3D Monkey-X Blitz3D 3D Engine

Vortex 3D Monkey-X Blitz3D 3D Engine

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