Mak Driver Demo

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Author: RonTek | Blog | Instructions: Press W to accelerate, S to brake and reverse, A or D to turn left or right
frokhman commented:

Hi, very great, reminds me to the old blitz3d. It is created by the same engine. I don't know that it can export to web

BlitzCoder commented:

Thanks and cheers. This is actually made with BlitzX, the initial concept or iteration of Blast3D, which will be Blitz3D 2.0 and beyond.

semar commented:

Hello RonTek !

That's a cute demo indeed !
Where can I find more infos about BlitzX ? Is there any release date planned ?
Best regards

BlitzCoder commented:

Thanks Semar, you can find more infos and demos about BlitzX by using the search tool on the site. There's also the android version of this demo, but apparently the hosting site is now down, will try to re-upload when I find the latest copy.

Please note that Blast3D now supercedes BlitzX, I will be releasing more updated info and FAQs about Blast3D within this month.

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