Two Issues with forums

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Hi Ron,

Recently I am getting strange error messages pointing to problems with your server, things like 521 "web server down" error. Sometimes it happens as soon as I visit the site but mostly when I click the back button.

Also, I can't edit anything older than a week I think it is, I'm trying to edit my Openb3dmax Roadmap post, so could we do away with this limit altogether, or disable it if it's a sticky?


BlitzCoder commented:

Hey Mark,

We do have server issues at the moment and this is currently being worked on. I will also try out and switch to a new provider anytime soon so the site might be offline in a few hours to a day due to transition.

As for editing, I can only edit expired post directly to the db so for now you can just post a reply to the roadmap topic with your updated content and I will just update it. You can also add and indicate "bump post with new updates" or something like that below the new update.

BlitzCoder commented:

Server issues has been resolved, hopefully no more 521 or related down time problems. Lets keep watch if it got better than before.

BlitzCoder commented:

For a quick update, the site will still intermittently show 521 errors, but a resolution is now in progress and fixing it is underway.

markcwm commented:

Thanks Ron,
I unstickied the roadmap topic and will just maintain the one on Syntaxbomb. Is it possible to set the expiry length of a topic?

I'm still getting 521 errors here.

BlitzCoder commented:

Ok I see. All topics are currently set to expire in 1 week so it can be properly archived. As I have suggested, you can still edit it if needed and I can just set it manually if that works. Eventually I am planning to create a request edit form for this as a site tool with some limitations since all are still bound for archiving. Another good solution for this is still with the unsticky and just create a new thread and perhaps link the old one for reference, like a worklog.

Yes, the 521 errors are a bummer lately and I hope it is still manageable. I just thought the site is going for more than 2 years without any of these issues that is why I am also being patient about it so far. I actually tried switching to a backup forum for a day, but it was still worse compared to this one if you noticed the pacman maintenance mode.

They are constantly working on this issue so hopefully this gets resolved sooner than later. cheers.

markcwm commented:

Hi Ron,

the 521 error has been fixed for a few days now.

BlitzCoder commented:

Ah great to know that the site is back to normal.

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