Introduce Yourself Thread

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

I hope it is not too late, so now I have started this introduce yourself thread to welcome new members starting today so my signature will not be all over the place each time I welcome a new member on different categories, topics or thread.

Just say hi or tell us a bit about yourself..

Are you a gamer, an artist or a coder? Like something here? perhaps give some feedback.

New to blitz and have questions? Start a topic and share your coding or workflow problems.

Are you a blitz legend or veteran? You've got some projects to show or share.. or just dropping by? Let us know and Welcome back!

Welcome to the BlitzCoder's Community!


(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

Okay, hi guys, I'm a coder not much of an artist or gamer, I taught myself Blitz3d, Blitzmax, C and C++, I'm not professional (and have never been employed for programming) I just enjoy tinkering with code, mostly stuff someone else wrote. I've developed Openb3dmax, a wrapper to the Openb3d library which was based on Minib3d, it's still a WIP and I don't have much time to code at the moment so it hasn't had any major updates in months but hopefully I'll find some time later. I did try to make a 3d game once with Blitz3d based on an old Spectrum game called Chaos, it wasn't very good so I decided I wasn't much of a game dev and tried just adding extra functionality to Blitz3d then moved to Blitzmax and am still there thanks to Brucey's work on NG.

(Posted 10 months ago) Rifraf commented:

been a b3d and b+ user for a very very . very long time. glad to see someone has kept the forums alive.

(Posted 10 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey! Welcome to the forums Rifraf!

Thanks, always glad to have very very long time blitz users like you and markcwm!

enjoy your stay and stay safe! cheers

(Posted 10 months ago) Sam commented:

Hello Everyone, active on blitz forums from early 2000's to 2010 or so, Maybe not as long as RifRaf ;)
I installed a 32 bit version win 7 to dual boot mainly for 3dws and a few other utils. Ive also noticed that blitz compiles with debug on much faster on a 32bit os.
Ofcourse I have Unity and Unreal , But Blitz3d is still my

(Posted 10 months ago) RonTek commented:

Welcome aboard to the forums Sam!

I'm not familiar with long time blitzers, but do you happen to be zmatrix on the old blitz forums?

(Posted 10 months ago) Sam commented:

Yeah that was me :) , I Was part of the 3drad invasion in 2002 or When Rad died and we all moved over to Blitz3d.


(Posted 10 months ago) RonTek commented:

I knew it. Wow ok that was some history there.

3DRad is a great tool. I like the feature design and completeness of the engine and I have saved an archived of gman's 3Impact library for BlitzMax.

If I am not mistaken, they did manage to make it to DX9 (or did they start it with DX9 already?) which is really nice.

(Posted 10 months ago) Sam commented:

I think it may have started with 8.1 and got up to 9.0 (Could have been just the the shaders that came with it were 8.1 compatible)

(Posted 9 months ago) hardcoal commented:

Hi Im hardcoal and I come in peace..
I like Art.. Programming and generally creating stuff.
I also like to chat.. on wireclub chatrooms and talk about religion, science and politics ..

Im working on my GameEditor for a long time.. In my own pace..
hoping to get to see something comes out of it eventually.

And doing some side projects as well..

I love retro games and even thinking of making commodore 64 games just for the fun of it.

To be continued..

(Posted 3 months ago) semar commented:

Hi, I'm Sergio - formerly semar, active on blitz forums quite from the beginning.

I've done a remake of Jeff Minter's "Iridis Alpha" game for Blitz Research (George Bray). I've met Jeff Minter in UK - a really cute guy - and he told me that he really liked my remake - that were great times !

I do love Bltz3D, and I really hope you guys develop it further, hopefully mantaining the same syntax and easy of use of this great programming language.

Best regards and keep on !

Sergio (semar).

(Posted 2 months ago) jfkEO commented:

Hey everybody, count me in too. I guess some of you remember me. Still using Blitz occasionally these days. What I really like is this edit-F5-edit-F5 turbo development, that's why I prototype in Blitz and then port it to eg. Javascript. I am coding unfrequently, these weeks and months a lot, but sometimes I don't touch code for months. Good to be here.

(Posted 2 months ago) RemiD commented:

Oups! i missed this post...

I like to code / graph mini games as a hobby (especialy during the winter months), and i have also created some simple useful programs.

I still use Blitz3d because when i have an idea for a mini game or for an app, it is very easy and fast to create a prototype.

And after the logic is robust and stable, i can convert some procedures in php or in arduino...

good luck with your projects !

(Posted 2 months ago) jfkEO commented:

This is strange, I think I have responded to you RemiD, just a few hours ago, but the post is gone...?

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

Welcome to the Forums jfkEO Great to have you guys here!

btw how do I like a posting?

Just mouse over to any post or reply other than yours. The icon button should appear at that bottom right of that particular post or reply

And after the logic is robust and stable, i can convert some procedures in php or in arduino...

That's really cool RemiD! have not look into arduino, is it better than raspberry pi?

(Posted 2 months ago) RemiD commented:

@RonTek>> i have never tested raspberry pi, but from what i understand arduino is more like a programable chip to control peripherals (and once you understand how it works you don't need to buy a board but only a atmega chip), whereas raspberry pi is more like a mini computer with an OS. so i think that you can do more complex stuff with raspberry pi, but it is more costly and bloaty and unecessary for simple circuits...

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

That's good to know, thanks for the info. I am seeing a lot of these mini system and pc projects coming out aside from arduino and pi which is very nice..

(Posted 2 months ago) jfkEO commented:

Just mouse over to any post or reply other than yours. The icon button should appear at that bottom right of that particular post or reply .

Ok, got it, thanks.
And may I add to the arduino topic: indeed, the arduino is mostly an intelligent io extension, to control and prototype external hardware. It can run little programs by it's own, but it isn't a real computer. That said, there are a couple of little games running on the arduino, but they are made for some tiny device displays one has to buy specifically. I see them often used as mediator between PCs and 3D printers. The arduino "cult" does include the frequent purchase of additional hardware for the arduino.

While it is a powerful tool with a broad userbase, I always prefered the direct old school way, just in 2018 I built a little CNC mill with salvaged parts and then used the portio.dll for blitz to control it over the original printerport (had to reactivate an old desktop pc). In effect it has only 8 bits, but these were enough for me. I simply sent the signals trough a Darlington transistor that would ramp up the 5V 2mA signal to 12V 1 Amp for the stepper motors, where each of the transistors costs like 10 cent when purchased 100 pcs on ebay. Some protection is required, a diode to block incoming surge, and a resistor to limit the output to 2mA, because when drawing too much current from the printerport (eg. by accidental short circuit between data pin and ground), that port can go up in smoke.

The raspberry pi on the other hand is a full-fledged PC with solid state hardware only, containing (afair) USB ports, Bluethooth, WiFi, HDMI monitor output, you only have to add a keyboard, mouse, monitor and a micro SD card with an OS and boot sector. Many versions of Linux can be run on the Raspberry. It also has an intel-licensed mp4 chip that allows to read and write mpeg streams with high speed, 60 hz at full HD no problem, making it a good choice for a media computer in a tiny box. Maybe best of all: it runs over a USB power supply, that's 5 Volts at a max of 2 amps, so it will never need more than 10 Watts power consumption.

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

Great. As of now I am leaning towards PC type systems like pi and eventually build one out of curiosity or some future projects.

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

btw jfkEO, I remember your awesome CSP engine from way back. Do you still have it? and any plans to release it perhaps with source?

(Posted 2 months ago) jfkEO commented:

Indeed I was thinking about to do so. The only reason why I probably wont is, if the source is a mess and I'd have to spend lots of time to clean it up. Maybe a "AS IS - at your own risk" release. BTW in the dropbox repository that I've seen somewhere in this forum, there is the chateau077 and the source077 zip, containing the original first release of the CSP game engine, editor and waypoint recorder. Back then a WYSIWYG walktrough and drop furniture editor was kind of a novelty - guess those Unity Dudes adopted the concept.

Guess I got to exhume some harddrive. I remember I should also have the most complete code archive zip somewhere - you can't rely on wayback engine only anymore, these days.

(Posted 2 months ago) RonTek commented:

Maybe a "AS IS - at your own risk" release. Guess I got to exhume some harddrive. I remember I should also have the most complete code archive zip somewhere - you can't rely on wayback engine only anymore, these days.

Awesome! and I agree.

(Posted 4 weeks ago) Deekin812 commented:

Old time Blitz user from way back when you still had to buy Blitz3D. I have been using C# and Visual Studio 2019. However I miss the ole Blitz days and the enjoyment I use to get from programming with it. After figuring out how to make Blitz exe files work, I started messing around with some old programs from years ago. Now my interest has perked up again. One question: How many people still use Blitz3D and Blitz+.
Just curious... Happy coding


(Posted 4 weeks ago) Grindalf commented:

Hi Deekin
I still use B3D. I recently released two tools on itch made with it and am currently making a dungeon crawler in the same style as Delver. B3D is a great tool and while it still works I see no reason to move on to anything else

(Posted 3 weeks ago) Deekin812 commented:

Hey Grindalf,
Checked out your tools on itch, looking good. Guess I'll revive some old projects and join the crowd.

(Posted 3 weeks ago) Grindalf commented:

Great to hear it Deekin. Blitz is still a really great tool. I look forward to seeing what you make

(Posted 3 weeks ago) RonTek commented:

Welcome to the forums Deekin! glad to have you onboard!

(Posted 1 week ago) Enibot commented:

my name is Ben, I started to learn programming using blitz3D then blitzmax then monkeyX then I stopped for a while....Nice to see that there is still a community using these languages.
Feels good to be here and start coding again in blitz!
Have a nice day!

(Posted 1 week ago) Grindalf commented:

Hi Enibot good to see another Blitz user.
Welcome to the forums

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