Introduce Yourself Thread

(Posted 5 months ago) RonTek

I hope it is not too late, so now I have started this introduce yourself thread to welcome new members starting today so my signature will not be all over the place each time I welcome a new member on different categories, topics or thread.

Just say hi or tell us a bit about yourself..

Are you a gamer, an artist or a coder? Like something here? perhaps give some feedback.

New to blitz and have questions? Start a topic and share your coding or workflow problems.

Are you a blitz legend or veteran? You've got some projects to show or share.. or just dropping by? Let us know and Welcome back!

Welcome to the BlitzCoder's Community!


(Posted 5 months ago) markcwm commented:

Okay, hi guys, I'm a coder not much of an artist or gamer, I taught myself Blitz3d, Blitzmax, C and C++, I'm not professional (and have never been employed for programming) I just enjoy tinkering with code, mostly stuff someone else wrote. I've developed Openb3dmax, a wrapper to the Openb3d library which was based on Minib3d, it's still a WIP and I don't have much time to code at the moment so it hasn't had any major updates in months but hopefully I'll find some time later. I did try to make a 3d game once with Blitz3d based on an old Spectrum game called Chaos, it wasn't very good so I decided I wasn't much of a game dev and tried just adding extra functionality to Blitz3d then moved to Blitzmax and am still there thanks to Brucey's work on NG.

(Posted 4 months ago) Rifraf commented:

been a b3d and b+ user for a very very . very long time. glad to see someone has kept the forums alive.

(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey! Welcome to the forums Rifraf!

Thanks, always glad to have very very long time blitz users like you and markcwm!

enjoy your stay and stay safe! cheers

(Posted 4 months ago) Sam commented:

Hello Everyone, active on blitz forums from early 2000's to 2010 or so, Maybe not as long as RifRaf ;)
I installed a 32 bit version win 7 to dual boot mainly for 3dws and a few other utils. Ive also noticed that blitz compiles with debug on much faster on a 32bit os.
Ofcourse I have Unity and Unreal , But Blitz3d is still my

(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek commented:

Welcome aboard to the forums Sam!

I'm not familiar with long time blitzers, but do you happen to be zmatrix on the old blitz forums?

(Posted 4 months ago) Sam commented:

Yeah that was me :) , I Was part of the 3drad invasion in 2002 or When Rad died and we all moved over to Blitz3d.


(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek commented:

I knew it. Wow ok that was some history there.

3DRad is a great tool. I like the feature design and completeness of the engine and I have saved an archived of gman's 3Impact library for BlitzMax.

If I am not mistaken, they did manage to make it to DX9 (or did they start it with DX9 already?) which is really nice.

(Posted 4 months ago) Sam commented:

I think it may have started with 8.1 and got up to 9.0 (Could have been just the the shaders that came with it were 8.1 compatible)

(Posted 3 months ago) hardcoal commented:

Hi Im hardcoal and I come in peace..
I like Art.. Programming and generally creating stuff.
I also like to chat.. on wireclub chatrooms and talk about religion, science and politics ..

Im working on my GameEditor for a long time.. In my own pace..
hoping to get to see something comes out of it eventually.

And doing some side projects as well..

I love retro games and even thinking of making commodore 64 games just for the fun of it.

To be continued..

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