Hi, Any way to load Mpeg Video in blitzmax and turn it to images?  

(Posted 1 year ago) hardcoal

Hi.. im trying to load a video.. mp4 or any type.. and then read images from it..
I tried some mod.. which i dont recall now.. but it didnt work well..
so.. any recomendation will be welcomed.. thanks

  (Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

PantsOn had a MPEG module (mpeg 1 and 2) but he mentions issues with the license, as far as I can see the problem with Libmpeg2 is it's GPL this is copyleft and in a nutshell forces you to open source your code, yes it's really that restrictive. Also it needs to be converted to 64-bit Bmx.

So I recommend either Brucey's bah.avbin for AVI (LGPL3) or bah.theoraplayer for Theora (BSD) a lossy compression format, the module also imports bah.oggvorbis which is for OGG audio (also BSD).

(Posted 1 year ago) hardcoal commented:

Thanks man.. very helpful..

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