Zombie Low Poly 3D Model

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(Posted 5 months ago) RonTek

To kickoff the new resources and assets section, here's Psionic's zombie model that we have come to know and use for our Blitz demos!

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Zombie Low Poly 3D Model Free

(Posted 5 months ago) jos commented:

have no idea how to open zombie.b3d on bltz3d help pls

(Posted 5 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey jos, Welcome to the forums

You can use LoadMesh or specifically LoadAnimMesh for animated models like this zombie model.

This example is taken from the docs (In Blitz3D editor, click on the top the Home icon → Command Reference → 3D Category → Mesh → LoadAnimMesh)

Here I have changed a few things to fit with the zombie aside from the loaded file name

  • Added 0,2 at the end of Graphics3D command so it will be windowed (faster testing)
  • Adjust camera PositionEntity y and z to 10 and -20 to fit the model on screen better
  • Added .1 speed to Animate command to make it slower

Hope that helps.

; LoadAnimMesh Example 
; -------------------- 

; In this example we will demonstrate the use of the LoadAnimMesh command. 

; Quite simply, we will load an anim mesh from file, animate it, and then view it. 

Graphics3D 640,480,0,2 
SetBuffer BackBuffer() 

PositionEntity camera,0,10,-20 ; position camera so that robot will be in view when loaded 

RotateEntity light,90,0,0 

; Load anim mesh 

; Animate mesh - this will begin an animation sequence which is updated when UpdateWorld is called 
Animate robot,2,.1 

While Not KeyDown(1) 

UpdateWorld ; Update anim - without this our anim mesh will freeze 
RenderWorld ; Render everything 
Flip ; Show everything 



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