Hi my 1st post here.

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(Posted 6 months ago) Jimbo

Been lurking for a while, but now iv got a B3d project to share.

(Posted 6 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey Jimbo, Welcome to the Forums!

Cool project you got there. I like the water wave effect on the windows. Are you using a gui library or is this built from scratch?

Thanks for sharing!

(Posted 6 months ago) Jimbo commented:

Its built from scratch.
Iv got to run some more tests, then i'll release the 1st beta.
I plan to put all my tools after (iv made them user friendly) in one enviroment.
its a long project but will be usable long before its finished.


(Posted 6 months ago) RonTek commented:

Awesome. Looking forward to the beta release.

If you plan to post the release as separate topic, I suggest you create it on Blitz Showcase category so it will be automatically shown in the gallery section

(Posted 6 months ago) Blitzman commented:

Missed this one.Hi Jimbo

(Posted 6 months ago) Jimbo commented:

Hey Blitzman, nice to meet you.
Our intro stories are so similar that i almost didn't post.
anyway pleased to meet you mate :)

(Posted 6 months ago) Jimbo commented:

Ok i uploaded a pre beta release. Im having lots of problems with my pc. I just want to know it runs on other pcs before i make a showcase.

(Posted 5 months ago) Met commented:

Hi there,

I've just started getting into programming and wrote my first code in BlitzBasic3D. Yeah, I know it's kind of out-dated, but I found an old book at the flee-market and that's how I started. Well, is there a way to transform the programmes I wrote into executable files? Because right now they all end on .bb and therefore need that mother programme.

(Posted 5 months ago) Jimbo commented:

Hi Met. yes go to Program, make sure debug enabled is unchecked, then click create executable.

(Posted 5 months ago) Met commented:

Yeah, it worked, thanks, but... alas, it says some fmod.dll is missing. Any ideas what to do about that one?

(Posted 5 months ago) Jimbo commented:

Ahh. you're using dll's. well you need to look in the userlibs folder. in this draw youll need to put the fmod.dll and also the fmod.decls file. this will add more functionality to blitz. do you have both these files somewhere?
If not i think youll easy find them on one of the blitz forums.

edit furthermore I think i know what you're saying. It works when you run it from the blitz.bb file but not from the exe.
if this is the case you should put a copy of the fmod.dll in the same folder as the exe.

(Posted 5 months ago) Met commented:

Yeah, man, now it works fine. Is there any way to get this onto a smartphone or do I have to advance to some more sophisticated stuff?

(Posted 5 months ago) Jimbo commented:

Yeah, you'll have to convert it to monkey which is quite different, I hear RonTecs BlitzX has similar syntax and does smart phones, but i havent used it
and i dont know if its finished yet.

(Posted 3 months ago) mpiovra commented:

HI All,

just finished downloading Blitzplus and Max.
I can't find the manuals anywhere... please can someone point me in the right direction of a link to download the manuals.


(Posted 3 months ago) RonTek commented:

Hey mpiovra, the Blitz3D offline manual is actually in the editor itself when you open it or press the Home icon.

As for BlitzMax, you need to rebuild the documentation which will prompt you on first use and same button on top.

Welcome to the Forums!

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