Simple waypoint system

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(Posted 4 months ago) RonTek

Just a small waypoint system to help newbies over the AI hump. Hope this helps someone.

This program demonstrates a very simple 3d waypoint system using randomly placed waypoints. In a game you can place the generated waypoints yourself, or leave them random


Author: kevin8084

; **************************************************************************************************
; Simple waypoint system by Kevin Lee Legge ([email protected])
; This program demonstrates a very simple 3d waypoint system using randomly placed waypoints
; In a game you can place the generated waypoints yourself, or leave them random
; **************************************************************************************************

Graphics3D 800,600,0,2
SetBuffer BackBuffer()

SeedRnd MilliSecs()

Const MAX_POINTS = 25 ; set this to however many waypoints you want

; **************************************************************************************************
; **************************************************************************************************
Type waypoint
    Field entity
    Field number
End Type

Type player
    Field entity
    Field x#,y#,z#
    Field nextpoint
End Type

; Create the "player" - the one who will walk the waypoints
Global p.player=New player
ScaleEntity p\entity,2,2,2
EntityColor p\entity,100,255,255
EntityShininess p\entity,1
; set the player's next waypoint at 1...or whatever number you like
p\nextpoint = 1 

; since we need to see what's going on, create a camera
Global camera = CreateCamera()
CameraZoom camera,1.6
PositionEntity camera,0,1,-200

; ...let there be light!
PositionEntity light,0,90,0
RotateEntity light,90,0,0

; Create the waypoints

; move the mouse to the center of the screen before the main program runs
; this way we can be sure that we are not going to be facing some odd direction
MoveMouse GraphicsWidth()/2,GraphicsHeight()/2

While Not KeyHit(1)
If KeyDown(200) Then MoveEntity camera,0,0,.1  ; up arrow
If KeyDown(208) Then MoveEntity camera,0,0,-.1 ; down arrow
If KeyDown(203) Then TurnEntity camera,0,1,0   ; left arrow
If KeyDown(205) Then TurnEntity camera,0,-1,0  ; right arrow

MoveMouse GraphicsWidth()/2,GraphicsHeight()/2
TurnEntity camera,mys#,mxs#,0
RotateEntity camera,EntityPitch#(camera),EntityYaw#(camera),0

; walk that path

Text 0,10,"Next Point:"+p\nextpoint
Delay 10 ; helps prevent laptops from overheating...lets the OS do its thing
killall() ; free up the memory used

Function createWaypoints()
; this function creates the waypoints and places them randomly
    this.waypoint = New waypoint
    this\entity = CreateSphere()
    ScaleEntity this\entity,2,2,2
    EntityColor this\entity,Rand(255),Rand(255),Rand(255)
    EntityShininess this\entity,1
    this\number = w ; we want to know which waypoint this is
    PositionEntity this\entity,Rand(-75,75),Rand(-70,70),Rand(-75,75)
End Function

Function walkPath(p.player)
; this function moves the player from waypoint to waypoint
For this.waypoint = Each waypoint
    If this\number = p\nextpoint Then
        ; we have a match
        ; you can use any routine here that will point p\entity towards this\entity
        PointEntity p\entity,this\entity
        MoveEntity p\entity,0,0,.7
        If EntityDistance(p\entity,this\entity)<3 Then
            ; this determines how close we let p\entity get to the waypoint
            ; p\entity is close enough (3 units) to its destination waypoint.
            ; time for the next waypoint
            p\nextpoint = p\nextpoint+1
            ; if we ran out of waypoints, then go back to the first one
            If p\nextpoint > MAX_POINTS Then p\nextpoint = 1
        End If
    End If
End Function

Function killall()
; kill everything...overkill probably :)
FreeEntity p\entity
Delete p
For w.waypoint = Each waypoint
        FreeEntity w\entity
        Delete w
FreeEntity camera
FreeEntity light
End Function

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