how do i post an app to the toolbox?  

(Posted 2 years ago) hardcoal

ive being typing this 3 times and post didnt get posted

  (Posted 2 years ago) RonTek commented:

Hey hardcoal, try these steps:

  1. Create a topic on any BlitzMax section (BlitzMax Programming is good)
  2. Enter these 2 tags toolbox and 2d-animation-tools. Adding the blitzmax tag is also good for reference, but not required.
  3. On the first few lines of the message body, enter your description and terminate it with a linebreak
  4. With the second line, enter the download page url
  5. Finally with the next succeeding lines, enter the detail information
  6. You can add an optional 80x36 icon (jpg/gif/png) and put it at the end of the message, remember to post it as an image, not as link.

Hope that helps!

(Posted 2 years ago) hardcoal commented:

K Tnx

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