Basic Community Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Welcome to Blitzcoder! Here, you may talk about a variety of subjects with other members, whether it be about programming in Blitz tools or other languages, video games or a suggestion to improve BlitzCoder. However, before you get started, you need to know about some basic guidelines:

Keep posts relevant.

Your posts should relate to the subject dictated by the topic. Especially, please don't post irrelevant information or only emojis on topics. Offtopic posts are considered spam and may be deleted.

Keep topics relevant.

Topics need to relate to the forum category they are in. If your topic doesn't seem to fit in any category, chances are that it doesn't belong in BlitzCoder community.

Read the stickies.

The stickies are special topics that are permanently at the top of a list of topics. They usually contain important or latest information and should not be disregarded. Before posting in a forum, you must read its stickies.

Don't make duplicates.

Please check if a similar topic exists before creating your own. Some exceptions exist: For example, you should not post on another question inside a specific topic to ask a similar question, because it directs attention away from the topic creator.

Contribute to the topic.

Even if your post relates to the topic, it may not be allowed. Please refrain from posting short, thoughtless posts; instead, take your time to write up a well-thought-out post which adds to the discussion. Even if a short post is technically allowed, it is still discouraged.

Create sensible usernames.

Feel free to make up any usernames that you like, but avoid names that makes your account suspicious of spam like garbled or does not make any sense. This action together with using a disposable email will be flagged accordingly and may enforce stricter validation and measures in the future.

Remember that these guidelines are in addition to the Community Guidelines/Terms and Rules, which apply throughout

If you need help, many experienced members who frequent the forums are willing to help! If you have read the stickies and are still unsure about something, just ask! Now that you know the basic guidelines, you're ready to start posting!

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