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I think its essential and important that each user will have his own showcase as ive mentioned in the reply on another topic..

Hope you will concider adding this

BlitzCoder commented:

Definitely will consider this hardcoal, we just have to make the showcase section first. Thanks for your suggestion!

hardcoal commented:

one more important thing is that when u press on a person name you should see not only his latest posts but he profile details as well..
unless he desire to hide it .
whats the point of having a profile when no one can see it.

also in blitz website u used to be able to add your personal fixed remark on the bottom that would be nice too

again.. about why a showcase is essential.. lets say i work on some project and share it..
by getting positive feedbacks and a project you may get more energy to continue it

BlitzCoder commented:

Yes, the original feature was really to link to the profile page, but the layout is still wip on this page. As for the signature, definitely another to be added on my list.

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