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(Posted 8 months ago) eqanox126


I have fully made an animated mesh and set my collision to the character, but when I perform my actions, my collisions don't work. Usually the character looks like it fades through but doesn't move. I tried increasing the radius of the man but it did nothing.

i also tried this -_-, I knew it wouldnt work.

Local rightpunch = ExtractAnimSeq(man, 353, 380)
    EntityType rightpunch, man

If anyone knows how to put collisions on a animations, it would be much help


  (Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

You should set collisions on the handle where LoadAnimMesh is returned ie

Player = LoadAnimMesh()
EntityType Player,COLLISION1

I have updated the Blitz3D Animation and Control Part 2 tutorial for reference.

Added Tip: since you are aiming for a fighting game, I can see adding or attaching meshes as hitboxes and hurtboxes to your models so it will be more accurately checked.


(Posted 8 months ago) eqanox126 commented:

yeah, i have the collisions on the main animated mesh, i am just trying to find a way to make it more clean.

making a hitbox makes sense, did a bit of research and found out about.


would this be the code I need?

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

it depends, it seems quite tedious though and that will be for setting a custom colllision size for your entity.

I would go with adding mesh as attachments to a player as hitboxes as shown, you can set is as a type.

If you would like to just make it simple, perhaps for starters, then entitybox with a custom dimension would also be ok.

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