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(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

Infinite Plane for OpenB3DMax.

Known Issues:

  • texture applied to plane is also moving when applied to other entities
  • inverted texture

Author: SLotman, RonTek



Framework Openb3dmax.B3dglgraphics

Local width%=DesktopWidth(),height%=DesktopHeight(),depth%=0,Mode%=2

Graphics3D width,height,depth,Mode

Global cam_near# = 0.1, cam_far# = 5000
Global range#
Global mesh:TMesh
Global surf:TSurface
Global texture:TTexture

Local light:TLight=CreateLight(1)
RotateEntity light,90,0,0

Global camera:TCamera=CreateCamera()
CameraRange camera,cam_near,cam_far
MoveEntity camera,0,1,0

texture = LoadTexture("../media/test.png")

While Not KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE)



    If KeyDown(KEY_A) Then MoveEntity camera, -0.05,0,0
    If KeyDown(KEY_D) Then MoveEntity camera, 0.05,0,0
    If KeyDown(KEY_UP) Then MoveEntity camera, 0,0,0.05
    If KeyDown(KEY_DOWN) Then MoveEntity camera,0,0,-0.05
    If KeyDown(KEY_RIGHT) Then TurnEntity camera, 0,-1,0
    If KeyDown(KEY_LEFT) Then TurnEntity camera, 0,1,0



Function UpdatePlane()

    Local r# = cam_far - cam_near 

    If Abs(range - r) > 0.0001 Or mesh = Null Then

        range = r
        If mesh Then FreeEntity(mesh)

        mesh = CreateMesh()

        surf = CreateSurface(mesh)

        AddVertex surf,-range,0,range,-range,range,0
        AddVertex surf,+range,0,range,range,range,0
        AddVertex surf,+range,0,-range,range,-range,0
        AddVertex surf,-range,0,-range,-range,-range,0

        AddTriangle surf,0,1,2
        AddTriangle surf,0,2,3

        VertexNormal surf,0,0,1,0
        VertexNormal surf,1,0,1,0
        VertexNormal surf,2,0,1,0
        VertexNormal surf,3,0,1,0

        EntityTexture mesh,texture

    End If

    Local x#,z#

    x = EntityX(camera,True)
    z = EntityZ(camera,True)

    PositionTexture texture,-x,-z
    PositionEntity mesh,x,0,z

End Function
(Posted 1 year ago) PlastikCogLiquid commented:

"Exception Access Violation"

Any idea why I would get that? It doesn't happen if I remove the updateplane() function so it's something to do with it.

(Posted 1 year ago) PlastikCogLiquid commented:

Didn't expect to figure that one out:

texture = LoadTexture("../media/test.png")

I changed to:

texture = LoadTexture("./media/test.png")

Removed one dot before the directory name. :P

(Posted 1 year ago) PlastikCogLiquid commented:

I don't know why it double posted but it'd be nice if I could delete the extra posts...

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Welcome to the forums PlastikCogLiquid

Nice you figured that one out and don't worry about the double post and yes will eventually consider adding a delete posts.

(Posted 1 year ago) PlastikCogLiquid commented:

Thanks buddy :D

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